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Chords on a couple Sheiks tunes, and one from big chief henry

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Anyone out there have a line on the F part in That's It?  I get lost every time, Im sure its fairly easy, but it eludes me.  Also, In I am the Devil, is Bo playing guitar?  It doesnt sound like Walter at all.  Whoever it is, it rocks, what is he doing? 

Also, the Chief- at the end of the C part, he goes on some crazy progression that leaves me far behind. again I think its nothing too weird, but I cant get it.


For That's It, you mean the turnaround part?

That part starts on the IV:  B-flat then an A bass note, then G...  F and walk down to D...  G7, C7, F - it's kind of "wrong" but right.

Sounds like Walter to me on "I Am The Devil" - pretty aggressive, but straightforward playing in G.  One of my favorites.

Can't help on Big Chief Henry without digging some up.


--- Quote from: frankie on April 07, 2011, 05:46:12 PM ---B-flat then an A bass note, then G...  F and walk down to D...  G7, C7, F - it's kind of "wrong" but right.
--- End quote ---

This is a little easier to understand if you realize that the G chord after the B-flat is standing in for a diminished chord:

B-flat | B-dim | F | D7 | G7 | C7 | F |

and might be a little more recognizable in the key of C, where you may have used it in one of several rags:

F | F#-dim | C | A7 | D7 | G7 | C |

Same progression, different key:

IV | flatV-dim | I | VI7 | II7 | V7 | I |

There's a thread somewhere around here where we discussed all the various ways that various country blues players manage to avoid the diminished chord...

uncle bud:
Sure sounds like Walter on I Am the Devil to me too. And totally him singing. Guitar is really up front on this recording, and fairly aggressive as Frankie says, with the result being a little more in your face, but it really sounds like his playing to me.

What's the Big Chief Henry song?

Oh, and welcome to WC!

Oh yes, I forgot to say that I was talking about On the Banks of the Kaney (well, it was obvious to Me at the time...).  Thanks for the welcome and the tips!


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