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Thanks for posting these links - I had no idea.  I have not gotten to all of them - but the Seattle times story is fascinating and the Penthouse must have been a fantastic venue.  Although I'm listening to Ow! Live at the Penthouse and it sounds like about a dozen people are there. 

David Kaatz:
Wow, I had no idea those recordings are available on the internet archive! Thanks, Stuart. Checking out Wes now. The live at the Half Note album is one of my favorites by Wes, I'll have to compare them.


Hi Dave: You--and Lindy--are much more knowledgeable in this area than I am, so I'll be interested in what you think about the "Live At The Penthouse" release.

Considering all of the music that was played there, there must have been a lot of great performances, including moments, "when the magic happens," captured on the 350 reels of tape that are mentioned in the article. I'm looking forward to listening to them as they become available.

I saw that Jim Wilke plays some Bola Sete songs recorded when he performed at The Penthouse on one of his available shows. Here's the link:

Another one of my favorite KPLU/KNKX programs has been Ken Wiley's "The Art of Jazz." It has allowed me to move my knowledge of Jazz from between "none and none" to between "slim and none." (The same thing I've been hoping for in a few other areas--One can dream...)  ;)

David Kaatz:
I was very pleased to be able to download the Wes Montgomery/Wynton Kelly sets from the Internet Archive site.

Several Live at the Penthouse recordings are available on Amazon Prime music, I just found Cannonball Adderley, Three Sounds feat. Gene Harris, Ow! and the Bola Sete recordings and added those to my jazz playlist there.

Are you folks like me, in that I add myriad potentially great things to my playlist or my personal mp3 collection, but never find the time to really listen to everything? So much good music, so little time! And try to play/practice my own instrument too! Whew.

Stuart, the Wes recording sounds quite good, as do the other recordings from the Penthouse that I have sampled. A Wes fan might be disappointed if they pay for this and get 4 of 10 tracks that are only the piano trio, and two Wes tunes fade out because of musician's union broadcast rules at that time.

For those that don't know, Wes and The Wynton Kelly Trio feature on another great live album "Smokiní at the Half Note", recently (er, well maybe 15 years or so ago by now) rereleased on Verve, remastered and with additional tracks. They also back Wes on the "Full House" album, but "Smokiní at the Half Note" is a flat out classic in my opinion. Look for the rereleased release.


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