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Son House's 1942 Walking blues

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I can't stop listening to this unique version of Walking Blues. The non slide (assumption) version full of snappy chords. Does anyone know what tuning House is using in this recording? Chord shapes? This song is driving me nuts! Thanks.

Blues Vintage:
The 1930 version can be found here;!/Guitar-of-Son-House-2-DVD-set/p/131764765

Is this the one you mean, Kells? It should be called Walkin' Blues "Death Letter" because it has the Death Letter verses played with a "Down The Staff" figure. I play it in E standard.

Hi Kells,
Son House is playing that version of "Walking Blues" out of A position in standard tuning, but tuned a whole step low. He couldn't do the slide into the low I note (the V of the IV chord) if he were playing out of E position in standard tuning. Tune your guitar a whole step low, and start out the song fretting 9-8-9 on the third,, second and first strings, like a D7 at the base of the neck moved up the neck. figure it out from there. Son House is basically playing the same guitar part that Charlie Patton played on "Devil Sent The Rain Blues" and Willie Brown played on "Moon Goin' Down".
All best,

And here I've been playing it wrong the past decade! I thought he was in half Spanish! Thanks John!


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