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Casey Bill Weldon amazing slide sustain

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I'm a big fan of Casey Bill Weldon, who was known as the "Hawaiian Guitar Wizard", since he played a National steel guitar flat on his lap, Hawaiian style.

The way he sustains the note at the end of Midnight Blues is quite stunning. I love his voice too.

It seems he doesn't get a lot of mention, so I thought I would throw this out to more potential fans.

David Kaatz:
To me, it sounds like he is playing an electric lap steel. I have no evidence other than my ears.


I agree, Dave, although I hear resonance that suggests it might be a reso with a pickup. I did a little searching and it appears that after the pickup was invented in the early 30s, things took off. Electric lap steels (starting with Beauchamp/Rickenbacker) were available and it looks like DeArmond produced stand alone pickups by the mid-30s, so by the time December 16, 1938 rolled around (when "Midnight Blues" was recorded), Casey Bill had options. Of course, this tells you nothing about which guitar and pickup / mic - amplification combo he used for this specific recording. But IMHO, it was a very good one.

By the time of this session Bill had adopted an electric guitar. Prior to that he used a single cone, likely a Style O.

Thanks, blueshome. Any idea re: what make and model?


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