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Hi all,
I was thinking how this much-maligned key/position in standard tuning nonetheless had a surprising number of tunes recorded in it over the years.  Working with our format of the recent past, I thought it might be fun to make a list of such performances.  I'll get the ball rolling:
   * "Travellin' Coon"--Luke Jordan
   * "Fightin' The Jug"--Blind Blake
   * "Roberta"--Leadbelly
   * "I Decided To Go Down"--Rev. Gary Davis
   * "Prison Wall Blues"--Gus Cannon & His Jugstompers
All best,

As a relative beginner the key of "F" gives me the blues.

A few off the top of my head:

"Search Warrant Blues" Blind Blake
"In the Jailhouse Now" Pink Anderson (one of my personal favorites)
"Barbershop Rag" William Moore
"Ragtime Crazy" William Moore
"Shake It and Break It" Charlie Patton
"You Got to See Your Mama Every Night" Mance Lipscomb
"Devil's Dream" Rev. Gary Davis
"Soldier's Drill" Rev. Gary Davis (OK half of it is in C, I know)
"Blow Gabriel" Rev. Gary Davis
"God's Gonna Separate" Rev. Gary Davis
"Looked Down the Road" Rev. Gary Davis (don't remember if this is the right title, but it's on "Say No to the Devil")


hey everybody,

   I've got a good country blues in F to add to the list....

    "King Edward Blues" on Roy Bookbinder's Live CD

   On the cd I believe he says it was originally a Willie McTell tune. I've been playing it for about a year and a half I guess ( it's really fun to play and sing ).


I just thought of another 'F Tune' to mention......

        "Try Some Of That" from Pink Anderson's "Carolina Blues Man Vol. 1" CD. The lyrics, in my opinion, are really funny but the thing about this song that I love is the cool bass runs that he does. Is anyone else familiar with this tune?

    I was in Texas about 3 1/2 years ago and I was looking around in a used vinyl shop and came across Carolina Blues Man Vol. 1 for around 7 bucks. Needless to say, I bought it. Well, a friend of mine who loves country blues was having a birthday not too long after that and I ended up giving to him as a gift. I know he appreciated it but every once in a while I wish I still had that record ( even though I own the CD version now ).



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