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Cub Wyse playing "Bull Doze Blues"

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Parlor Picker:
Nice version, CubWyse.

hey thanks,  these pipes were made by a peruvian maker named Ramos.  it originally came as a 10 note pipe  but i took the highest note off because it was really shrill.  henry   thomas played a similar 8 note set but didnt have the lowest note i have on these pipes.  I like that extra low note for paying oldtime fiddle music,  here are a fe more Henry Thomas songs ive worked up.

Good ones, Cub Wyse!

Prof Scratchy:
Well done CubWyse. I'll bet that is every bit as hard to do as it looks!

hey thanks Eric and Prof!  it was a real challenge first learning,  just to  produce a clear unwavering note. and to find a rack to hold em just right. if the pipe isnt flat against my lip, like at an angle, the note will be sharp or flat depening on how its angled.  now my biggest challenge is learning harmonica and when i switch between the harmonica to quills  i will instinctually try to draw in notes. takes a few minutes to shake off


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