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In the last couple weeks, I played out as part of a duo or trio at fairly low-pressure gigs: a library, a craft fair, holiday parties.? We played mostly old-time, and I sang and played mostly banjo, because I was the only one who could.*

I did manage to work some CB (or a version of them) into the mix.? When we were a duo, the fiddler was game to try "Wining Boy Blues" to my guitar-playing, and we did two John Hurt tunes ("CC Rider" & "Make me a pallet") as banjo-fiddle duets.? It was so much fun, I decided to try something solo.?

So, next week I'll play two lunch hours (two "lunch 90 minutes," actually) at the student union of the university where I work.? For variety, I plan to mix spread things out between my trusty 00-18, an open-back banjo, and the National EN I just recently bought from my fiddle teacher (and that's kept me from playing much fiddle).

I'm working up a list of stuff to choose from, and having a blast just thinking about it.? Wish me luck!


* Edited to note that it's debatable whether I can actually "play" the banjo, but neither of the other two had ever even tried . . .

Go for it, that's a lot more than I can manage, on guitar anyway ;)

uncle bud:
Hi Tom - best of luck! Sounds like fun. Record some of it and put a tune on the Back Porch! Our first live recording...

Oh yeah, and feel free to post your setlist when you're done. Always fun to see.


Good luck with the gig, Tom!

--- Quote from: MotMot on November 30, 2004, 08:09:56 PM ---the National EN I just recently bought from my fiddle teacher

--- End quote ---

Is that Adam's guitar? That was a cool one.  Good for you!

Good luck Tom, sounds like fun!


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