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country blues concerts in So. Calif


Bob B:
Hi all

Just thought I'd drop a post on you about upcoming CB concerts in the L.A. area.

Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan, good time blues and rag duo are going to appear at the Fret House (626 339-7020) on April 23, Saturday 8pm.  Tom is a virtuoso harmonica player and guitarist , and Kenny is a marvellous guitar player.   Guaranteed to bring many smiles.  The blue light special price for this concert is $15, $2 less if you order at least a week ahead of time.  The Fret House is located in Covina.

Boulevard Music (310 398-2583) will present two terrific concerts.  They are in Culver City.

The legendary Paul Geremia will appear on June 4., Saturday at 8pm.  Suffice it to say he is one of the top contemporary country bluesmen on the planet.  A super bargain at $12.

Del Rey will be at the same location on June 18, Saturday.  Famous for her humor, on- fire picking style, and beautiful renditions of Memphis Minnie tunes.  She might even surprise us with a uke tune or two. $12 will get ya in.

If you can make it, come up and say hi,  I'll be proudly displaying my Weenie T-shirt.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the event schedule.  I also encourage you (and other Weenies!) to add these and other events to our Event Calendar.  Your "User Menu" has a link "Add Events" in which you can add events to the Front Page... that way folks have a nice reminder of upcoming events (20 days out) and they won't get lost here in the forum.

I set this stuff up for you folks to use - so use it!   ;)



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