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Andy Cohen workshop in Kansas City


Howdy folks.....we've been discussing an event over in the Woodshed and I thought I'd post some information here also. Andy Cohen is doing a series of events in Kansas City the weekend of March 24th, 25th, and 26th. He will play a concert on Thursday (24th), give private lessons on Friday, and hold a workshop Saturday morning with more private lessons to follow.

Here's the address for the Mountain Music Shoppe where the events will be held

Here's a link to Andy's website

Some bio information from his page:
Andy Cohen has been playing one kind of old time music or another since he was barely tall enough to reach the piano keys.? His best-known? virtuosity is in the blues - the good old, honest, down-to-earth, licks-filled acoustic blues.? He is lucky (and old) enough to have learned directly from some of the greats, including Jim Brewer, Pink Andersen, Honeyboy Edwards, Rev. Dan Smith, Daniel Womack, and many more.? He is a scholar of the works of Rev. Gary Davis, and comes just about as close as anyone can to replicating Rev. Davis' intricate style of guitar playing.

uncle bud:
Andy was a hoot at Port Townsend a couple years back. Should be a good time in KC.

Just realized the workshop's at my brother-in-laws.  Sounded like it was going well; guess I pulled him (brother Bob) away from the workshow  for a stupid question on instant messenger.  Hopefully he didn't miss too much.


Beamer......just curious as to how your brother-in-law liked the workshop. There were only four of us in the workshop, although Andy was booked up for private lessons as far as I know.

Az -

As it turns out, my brother didn't end up going to the workshop;  Andy was just staying with him this pass through town.  I'm sure they were playing late into the night, but no classes.  When I talked to Bob, he was rushed so I mistakenly got the impression that it was being conducted at his house as well since he usually does this.  Last year, Louisiana Red had the workshop at the house and Bob made one of his (excellent) meals afterwards.  As you say Andy's  private lessons were pretty well booked. 

Sorry bout that


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