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March 15: Del Rey, Maria Muldaur, Suzy Thompson in NYC


I don't know how many Weenies are in the New York City area but here's some info on a concert I'll be part of that is shaping up to be really incredible.

TUES. MARCH 15  (the Ides of March) at Merkin Hall (near Lincoln Center) -- a tribute to blueswomen Memphis Minnie and Sippie Wallace, featuring MARIA MULDAUR, DEL REY, SUZY THOMPSON, & CINDY CASHDOLLAR.    The website for the hall which will lead you to ticket info is

The four of us have started planning this out and we will be doing material in different configurations -- Maria is also bringing a pianist for the classic blues portion of the show, and I believe that Howard Johnson who is an awesome tuba player is supposed to also be on board.  I am really excited, these are some of my favorite musicians on the planet and I'm very pleased to be playing with Cindy Cashdollar who I have never met, but I've admired her work for a long time.  I imagine that everyone here knows Del Rey who is just an amazing player of Memphis Minnie's style of guitar but on resonator guitar (not slide).   You might think of Maria Muldaur just as a pop singer, but she probably has turned more people on to Memphis Minnie's music than anyone, through her unforgettable rendition of Me & My Chauffeur (back in the 60's with Kweskin Jug Band.).  Maria also worked with Sippie Wallace and Victoria Spivey during the 1960's  -- she is truly a blues diva in the classic blues tradition:  both a great singer and a great entertainer, too.  Cindy Cashdollar is an excellent steel guitar and dobro player who played for many years in Asleep at the Wheel and with lots and lots of other folks including Beausoleil.
If you know any folks in or near NYC who might be interested in this concert, pass on the info.  You can be sure that I will post a report after I get back from it.  If there aren't any juicy stories to tell, well, I'll just have to make some up! 

This will be an AMAZING show. I'm looking forward to it and the other two Merkin show (Bluegrass and Gospel). The program and venue are top notch. Last years Slidefest (with Bob Brozman and Cindy Cashdollar) and RGD Tribute (Jorma, Ernie Hawkins & Roy Bookbinder) were among the best shows in the area.

Maira is an important and integral member of the acoustic scene over the last 30 years. I was just listening to her duet with Peter Rowan on the Muleskinner CD and her recent work with Vassar Clements!

Del Rey is a National Treasure (no pun intended, she plays a Ron Phillips Resos!) If you haven't seen her live, I woulkdn't miss this opportunity. I've never seen an entire audience smile through a forty five minute set.

Cindy is one of the most versatile slide players on the planet. Dobro, Pedal Steel, Weisenborn. She can do it all with style. She, Del and Steve James will be playing in Woodstock on MArch 12th. THAT SHOW should be equally amazing.


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