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Suzy Thompson's CD release at Freight

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Thought I'd put this out there for Cleoma. All you bay area Weenies, Suzy is having a CD release concert at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley on Saturday the 26th. Her husband Eric and Del Rey and lots of other talented folks will be joining her.. Here's a link to the Freight page about it. The new CD, Stop and Listen, is all blues and was recorded live at the Freight last summer with the same folks and more. It was a great performance by Suzy and all her cohorts.
I'm thinkin' I and a few others could get on line early and hold a bunch of seats in the second and third rows. That's what I usually do anyway. How many folks think they'll make it? I don't wanna hear any excuses.<G>
All for now.
John C.

Emma Lee:
That sounds great - wish I was in the Bay Area! Be sure to drink a glass for those of us who can't make it. But hey, will the new CD be up on the Weenie Juke to request and/or buy?

Thank you John for posting about my gig, so nice not to have to do that myself!  Del Rey will be with me for that, also my husband Eric, Larry Hanks who is one of the world's most reknowned jews harpists (no foolin'!) and Thompson String Ticklers which is my hillbilly blues string band with cello, 2 guitars, banjo-uke (looks like a tiny banjo, plays like uke) and mando.  I think there will be a few other special guests too.  It should be a fun night.

The CD is "officially" released on Feb. 22.  For those who just can't wait, send me an email ( and I'll let you know how to get one directly from me. 

For any of you in NYC, see my posting about an upcoming concert I'll be doing there in March.
P.S.  Thanks Emma and everyone else for all the great suggestions for material to teach at Blues Week, it is just great to be able to respond to specific requests like that.  Keep 'em coming!!

So, anyone gonna make it to the Freight? Thumbstyle, Cyotegulch? Times gettin' short. I imagine Ron Phillips will be there. And Marc Silber. And I'm guessin' one of those special guests Cleoma mentioned will have the same initials as Memphis Minnie.
All for now.
John C.

Wow, looks like a great album. (I'll be emailing you!). Sorry I can't make the west coast show, but I'm looking forward to seeing you at Merkin Hall. I've had my tickets for months. I'm looking forward to it.


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