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Jimmie Rodgers train sound

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Not sure this is the right place, but can anybody explain how Jimmie Rodgers did that train sound at the beginning of "Waiting for a Train"? :-\

According to his biography, he learned to do it with his voice. My guess is a bit like Tuvan throat-singing.

I can't say that Jimmie is not getting some kind of off camera assistance with his train imitation but we are beyond lucky that we've got film footage of the great man playing, singing, chatting &, perhaps, train imitatin'. Check it out around the 1:18 mark:

It's all Jimmie. He's whistling and moaning at the same time. Merle Travis did it too -- you can see him do it in one of his filmed performances of Lost John; Jimmie's is more deliberate and lasts longer.

If only I could teach myself that! At least I can yodel.


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