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Hi all,
I merged the recent thread with a query on playing "Screaming And Hollering The Blues" into this thread.
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--- Quote from: Sunflower on October 27, 2019, 11:17:40 AM ---Hi everybody, I was listen to Down the dirt road blues  by Charlie Patton, and I use to play it without all the amazing percussion stuff that are present in the song.  Charlie Patton recorded sometimes with others guys like Henry Sims or Willie Brown , listening to Down the dirt road I feel like there's another person with him that makes the talking parts ( the begin of the talking phrase is like too near the end of the singing notes by Patton) althought this can be also Charlie but sure the second person plays the percussions stuff. In the Wirz american music discography on the single Down the dirt road / It wont be long recorded  14 june 1929 in Richmond  by   Charlie Patton vocal,guitar and unknow sp   
I m saying this cos over the years I ve always seen musicians trying to do all kind of percussions to sound like the original recordings , and sure  Charlie Patton made some percussions with his hands ( like Bukka White) or foot. Probably on songs like Screaming and Hollerin but in songs like Down the dirt road blues all the percussions considering also the guitar parts seems too difficult to do for a single person and probably there was another person with him. What do you think?

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Here's a video over on YouTube with some pretty convincing percussion.

Note: I can't do this.

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Well yeah I know the guy, from YT I 'm a follower. Yes great percussion with the Thumb while playing the notes on the first strings with index!  But in the original version I can hear , if i m not mistaken , percussion every 1/8 of the beat , like 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and  hearing percussion on every 1/8 with a strong accent on the down beat and this especially on the first A part of each verse.Then in other A  and B verse is a little different .Everything is much more complex. Anyway who knows ? Probably a combination of  hand and foot percussions He was Charlie Patton so sure he had the ability of some acrobatic percussion stuff with his hands and feet. Yes, some compare it to Bukka White, but while Bukka 's own percussion is sure of great effect but not so difficult to do it, in this Patton song everything seems much more complex. Thats why I was wonderin if there was  another guy in the studio  helping Charlie with  all those percussions . 


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