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Wintergrass 2022


Wintergrass was a gift this year, for many it was our first time to participate in a large gathering of music fans in at least two years. Masks and vaccinations were required (but not boosters), I observed about a half-dozen jerks being vocal about the mask requirement, that was pretty good considering the number of people attending. It was my first time to dance swing and cajun and zydeco with an actual warm-blooded female since Feb 2020. Simple pleasures are the best.

Some highlights for your viewing, listening, and time-killing pleasure:

One highlight was the Mike Block Trio

It may have been the first time I ever went to a weekend-long bluegrass festival without hearing “Orange Blossom Special” even one time. But Michael Cleveland contributed this barn burner instead:

Two from Mr. Sun:

and a sophisticated jazz piece:

The Dawg Trio was great as always

as were Los Texmaniacs with Peter Rowan (next birthday will be his 80th). This vid is actually from this past weekend’s fest:

OK, there you go, consume in small bites.


David Kaatz:
Cool stuff, Lindy, thanks for sharing. I was thinking of attending but had previous plans for the weekend unfortunately. Maybe next year.



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