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Henry "Ragtime Texas" Thomas video footage found???


Mississippi David:
This video of a man performing in Chicago in the late 1930s has been found in a documentary. Some people believe this to be Henry Thomas?

Here's the video:

If you look at his face, it looks very similar, if you just imagine the one picture that exists of Henry Thomas and just add a hat and a mustache, you have the person in the video.

What are your thoughts?

Blues Vintage:
Welcome to Weenie Campbell, David. We already had a thread on this;

My thoughts? While it's not impossible, a few superficial similarities are not conclusive evidence with respect to the person in the film being Henry Thomas.

I bought the DVD from jpc in Germany for about $16.50 USD prior to it being available on Amazon. I received it in about two weeks,

Heinrich Hauser was an interesting person. The film prompted me to read his book, The German Talks Back, which was heavily criticized when it was published in 1945. 75 years later it's apparent what his concerns (not always well founded) were regarding the attitudes of the people of a defeated nation towards the victors.

Here is an interesting article from the Chicago Reader on the film and Heinrich Hauser:

Thanks for the link, jostber. I read the article a while back, but didn't think to post it.

The DVD is listed as "All Regions." There are  two soundtracks. One is the music that was accompanying the film when it was available for streaming a while ago (music by Andy Miles). There are also subtitles with English translations of the title cards. The other soundtrack, I assume, is the one mentioned at the bottom of the 2002 Chicago Reader article. There is also what sounds like a discussion of the film (in German) over the "soundscape." I don't understand German, so I can't say for sure. Our WC German speakers will know.


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