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Wow it's good to know I'm not the only one who suffers from this. I'm fairly early in my picking journey and those days suck the life out of me

I've recently tried to deal with them by spending those days learning something new. That way, whatever I'm working on doesn't need any flow or nuance - it's just putting the notes in the right places. And then hopefully I end up with something new to play on days where IT is there

I find it hard to work on new things on good days though, so maybe it actually works out for me?

Playing for just 10 minutes or so on a bad day is helpful, I think.  When I was playing a lot of clawhammer banjo, some days it seemed like every tune was a version of Johnson Boys.

On the up side, I took the biscuit cover / palm rest thing off my National El Trovador reissue yesterday after a couple of comeback-and-sit-down sessions with it. Sometimes being away from something for a while can inspire new angles and new ears. Now I can palm-mute the bass strings, which, I realize, suits my playing much better. I got the clue from watching a Mike Dowling video on YouTube.

It also gives me the option to let them ring by just lifting off. So I added more dynamic range just by taking the, er, whatever it's called, off. I know it's got various names, official and vernacular. It's a lovely guitar all round and I'm looking forward to playing it a lot more now. So a break from playing can be good, but you do have to work to get back to where you were.

Oh wait, we were mostly talking about short term off days, mine has been considerably longer. But anyway.


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