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He played with the Louvin Bros, Ray Charles, and George Jones

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RIP Jimmy Capps, a remarkable studio musician:

Hi all,
Here's a clip featuring Jimmy Capps and the perfectly amazing Curly Chalker on pedal steel from the Wilburn Brothers Show, where they were in the house band.

All best,

Thanks for posting that, John.  Those Nashville guys are so good.  They remind me of utility infielders in baseball, not getting all the glory, but playing solid every game.

Jimmy Capps with the Louvin Brothers, late 50s:

And a 90-minute interview with a few audio and video clips (can't embed it):

Jimmy Capps is an Eastern North Carolina musical legend who grew up in the small town of Benson, N.C. Here is a well made film about Jimmy Capps featuring lots of interview with the man and also local country music heroes Clyde Mattocks and Charlie Albertson. I was able to attend the concert several years ago in Benson where the town honored him and proclaimed an official "Jimmy Capps Day." Some of the music footage on this film was from that concert.                                                                   


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