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Any Hank Williams Fans?

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Alan, yes indeed, I'd forgotten that one, must dig it up again.

OP, well of course a lot of us have studied up on Hank. Why would you even feel the need to ask? Jeesh!

Bill Roggensack:
I don?t post often, but this thread caught my eye. I will confess to being a Hank Williams fan for at least fifty years. Many of his songs are timeless and deeply poetic. I am in awe of his short, but incredibly productive career. Everyone needs a little Hank in their life.

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Long time Hank Williams fan here... that's when Country Music was country music and not over produced rock and roll.  The little swing or rockabily groups I was in always seemed to include at least one Hank Williams tune. 

Devils Son Inlaw:
I love some Hank!!  I have a "Lost Highway" street sign.   ;D

David Kaatz:
I'm down with Hank.


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