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How can we get Weenie Juke Radio Back?

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The Ghost Man:
Greetings to all,
         I am a relatively new fan of Weenie Juke radio and there is simply no other station that can compare on anywhere. The level of dedication in preserving and providing a fantastic media venue for this treasure of blues has been the find of a lifetime for me and my children whom I've been teaching them the importance of. Blues is one of the central cornerstones of Americana and a legacy that we need to vitally keep alive for generations to come.

This is my very first post here and I don't wish to be in any way impertinent but I'd really like to see if we can throw together and get Weenie Juke back on the air any way that we can. I'm not sure exactly of the issues and challenges in the pursuit of an endeavour such as this, but I'd be more than willing to throw my lot in towards achieving this. If it's a money issue could we not organise fund raising via a PayPal campaign (run by Weenie Campbell of course) or perhaps do it through Kickstarter.

I'm so sorry that LoudCity did not continue and we lost that venue, however I'm sure that there are more and perhaps even better alternatives with better bitrate quality that can be found.

Again, please excuse my zeal in this initial post which I am introducing myself to your forum, and I'm looking forward to the other forum members discussion and input.

Thanks much for providing a forum such as this.

Prof Scratchy:
Right behind you, Ghost Man!

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uncle bud:
Welcome Ghost Man. I agree there's nothing to compare to Weenie Juke and in an ideal universe it would keep on streaming until all that was left was cockroaches and CEOs of media conglomerates.

What worked about LoudCity was that it was relatively painless. Slack is the one who has to do almost all the work, so it's gotta be low maintenance. It is my understanding that this is not just a question of hosting, since there are others, but reporting of playlists, dealing with royalties etc. The models that have been set up by Sound Exchange and the RIAA for internet radio are hostile to the small broadcaster, no doubt deliberately so. So until a host is found that makes all the legal stuff easy, the Juke is in a Texas cryogenic chamber.

That said, there is nothing to stop members from researching on their own to find a good alternative that could defrost the Juke. But like I said, it's really gotta be painless. If anyone finds anything that looks like a real candidate (not just, "here's another host"), let us know.

The Ghost Man:
Thanks Uncle Bud for taking the time to explain and clarify the situation. I'm in total agreement with your assertions as well regarding this whole RIAA and royalties situation. I have no doubt in my mind it is being done deliberately to take down and suppress small broadcasters, in favour of supporting large conglomerates who play and exclusively manufacture the creation and propagation of perhaps the worst, most mono-corporatised rubbish music 'product' around. They don't want foundation classics such as blues and early vital music around because it upsets their mission of acclimating and degrading the musical tastes of this new young generation to utter disposable garbage. If one is only exposed to musical drivel and have nothing to challenge or compare against, then their tastes will eventually be trained towards waste matter.

There should be exceptions made for archival, historical legacy music such as this in terms of royalties. Royalties  they collect mind you, that somehow never find their way to the families nor heirs of the artists who originally produced it. But instead find their way into the pockets of lawyers, fees and other assorted contrived nonsense that diverts the money back to the corporate entity that lays claim to the music. In other words, this RIAA royalty contrivance is nothing but a money grabbing scam and method of control and suppression of music that doesn't fit within the new product parameters of the music industry.

That being said, where there's a will, there's a way, and what man constructs unjustly can equally be deconstructed towards a just and equitable model. It seems this is more a 'legal' issue around royalties and paying them blood money than one of hosting logistics at this point. So perhaps some fund-raising of sorts to support this Juke defrost may be in order. Just how much the cost of this project would require needs to be ascertained first. The ballpark costs of the royalties, any equipment hardware and hosting services all factored in, in addition to any other unforeseen financial needs.

I have faith that we can all pull together and make this happen and am most excited at the prospect of resurrecting this treasure.

What the hell ever happened to public domain music, it's utterly disgusting that these creeps demand royalties for long long dead performers. The music of the likes of Blind Blake and Blind Lemon Jefferson etc are surely the property of the human race. As for diluting great music and brainwashing (read brain-deadening) the youth of today they have already succeeded and they basically print their own money. Add to that the deliberate destruction of the live music scene (at least in my state of New South Wales where the previous government allowed poker machines in pubs which meant most publicans refuse to have any live music at all) and the sending into poverty of the average professional musician I would say that the BIG BOYS have already won the battle with the virtual genocide of real music.


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