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King Solomon Hill - Whoopee Blues
Carl Martin - Joe Louis Blues
Robert Wilkins - Rolling Stone
Kid Bailey - Rowdy Blues
Rev E W Clayborn - Your Enemy Cannot Harm You
Barbecue Bob - Atlanta Moan
Son House - Death Letter Blues
Blind Willie McTell - Southern Can
Bukka White - Special Streamline
Blind Boy Fuller - Keep On Truckin' Mama

Forgetful Jones:
Stumbled on this old thread. After 6 pages of replies there are so many great tunes already suggested, but here are a handful that I don't believe were on the list. They are essential to me:

1) Robert Wilkins - I'll Go with Her
2) Sleepy John Estes - Special Agent
3) Blind Willie McTell - Scarey Day Blues
4) Kokomo Arnold - The Twelves (Dirty Dozens) & Paddlin' Madeline
5) Joe Callicott - Fare Thee Well
6) Peg Leg Howell - Turtle Dove
7) Willie Reed - Dreaming Blues
8) Otto Virgial - Little Girl in Rome
9) Mance Lipscomb - Freddie
10) Fred McDowell - Kokomo


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