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Looks like a very good start fellars.? Please try not to Repeat a selection already made.? We are compiling a list, not taking a vote.? Again, you are not limited to 10 songs or 1 submission.? We want to get enough great songs to pick from Randomly and have  a different hour of music each time.?

I'm going through and crossing out the repeats.


Whoops..I meant Prison Cell Blues. 
Sorry about the repeats...I'll rethink my choices in a bit.

Here's a list:

1. Train That Carried My Girl From Town - Frank Hutchison
2. France Blues (Hey Lawdy Mama) - Papa Harvey Hull & Long Cleve Reed
3. Frankie - MJH
4. Churchbell Blues - Luke Jordan
5. Black Rat Swing - Memphis Minnie
6. Kentucky Blues - Little Hat Jones
7. That'll Never Happen No More - Blind Blake
8. Chock House Blues - BLJ
9. Bo Weevil Blues - Charlie Patton
10. God Don't Ever Change - Blind Willie Johnson
11. Keep Your Hands Off Her - Lead Belly
12. Little Laura Blues - Sleepy John Estes
13. Ham Hound Crave /or Mississippi Jailhouse Groan - Rube Lacey
14. Rag Mama Rag - Blind Boy Fuller / RGD
15. Bottle It Up and Go - Tommy McLennan (if you're feeling brave)
16. You Shouldn't Do That - Casey Bill Weldon
17. Depot Blues - Son House
18. Railroad Blues - Sam McGee
19. Mama T'ain't Long Before Day - Blind Willie McTell
20. Illinois Blues - Skip James

...stop me somebody...
...I'll stop at 20.


--- Quote from: Rivers on September 24, 2004, 12:04:11 PM ---1. Train That Carried My Girl From Town - Frank Hutchison

--- End quote ---

Hot damn - that's a good'un!

I'm starting to think that there are certain guys that it doesn't matter what you pick, but you should hear lots from them.  The guys I'm thinking of generally have large, fairly varied repertoires:

Blind Lemon Jefferson
Charlie Patton
Blind Blake
Rev. Gary Davis
Mississippi John Hurt
Blind Willie McTell
Bo Carter

Each of these guys is almost a whole world of music in and of themselves!

Just a quick few,I hope there are no repeats and I'll think of more tomorrow-

How Long, how long - Carr\Blackwell
Seminole blues - Tampa Red
Pick Poor Robin Clean - Blind Willie McTell
Big Bill's Blues - Big Bill Broonzy
Sittin' on top of the world - Mississippi Shieks
Roll and tumble - Hambone Willie Newburn
West Texas Woman - Alex Moore
M & O - Walter Davis


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