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uncle bud:
In light of the imminent unplugging of the Juke, I thought it might be useful to start a thread listing other ways to access country blues online.

Spotify has loads of Document recordings (the whole catalog?). Not available in some countries (like Canada). Price?

Rdio - a friend has started using this. She found Lulu Jackson through it, so it seems safe to say it's got obscure stuff. 10 bucks a month.

Any others?

harriet: has a number of free podcasts all types country blues.

This came not a moment too soon! Having juke withdrawls.


Thanks for the PRX heads up harriet!

 I've been really jonesing for the juke. Pandora has not been cuttin' it for me.

This particular show is very weenie-like..


PS: Suggestion: This thread would be a good candidate to sticky.

uncle bud:
Good idea, beljum. I've moved this topic to the Juke board and made it a sticky topic.


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