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Daddy John's Birthday!

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colm kill paul:
Hi Folks,

I wanted to celebrate today the anniversary of the birth of Mississippi John Hurt ("Daddy John" to his family).Today, 120 years ago, the world became a better place imho!

There is confusion about MJH's exact birthday.Philip Ratcliffe?s in his book " MJH, His Life, His Times, His Blues" observed the following: "Several dates have been recorded: March 8, 1892 (grave marker), ?man? Hurt (Son), Fred Bolden (grandnephew) Mar 16 1892 (social Security death index) may 7,1893 (some family members) May 8, 1895 (draft registration)" but in the end he opted to go with the March 8, 1892. So I'm happy to go with today also.

I'm playing "My Creole Belle" as taught by John Miller in his  The Guitar of MJH Vol 1 DVD and it is transcribed from the 1963 recording on Rounder records " Avalon Blues" if memory serves.
Philip Ratcliffe notes about this tune: "Creole Belles, was a cakewalk hit written in 1901 by Bodewalt Lampe with words by George Sidey on which John (Hurt) modelled his song ? My Creole Belle?. However, John ommitted most of Sidneys words and modified the tune considerably to suit his own style.".

My attempt here fails spectacularly to capture the magic of John's original but I hope up there some where John gets a kick to know his music inspired me to go out and try!

Happy Birthday Daddy John!
Click on this link to jump to the tune on my Sound Click page.


PS (MP3 file was too big to insert directly ... hence the link)

Norfolk Slim:
I shall listen and add something of my own when I get back from work.... :D

Get posting folks!

nice of you to bring this up CKP. The National Endowment-funded project that allowed the CD "Discovery" to be issued also enabled the production of a museum exhibit which is now on display at Middle Tennessee State University through the end of March. The University's Center for Popular Music was most helpful in providing images. The exhibit will become part of the permanent collection at the Delta Blues Museum in Clarkdale, MS when they've completed the expansion of their building. (and it's Phil Ratcliffe who wrote the book) :)

colm kill paul:
DooH! Of course it's Philip! >:( Thanks for setting me straight! Colm

Norfolk Slim:
Did you ever meet Phil Colm?  Used to be an EBA regular...

Anyway, I said I'd add something.  Small MP3 quality issues as ever- but I think its not too bad...


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