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Arthritis and old injuries have jacked up my hand. So, I have been working on more blues stuff with the five-string banjo. Just thought I would share a couple of examples to see if there are any other banjo pickers around here.

I have to admit, I am somewhat shocked at how easily bottleneck works with frailing banjo. I have a solid-body electric banjo in the works, so pray for my neighbors.

Cawlin' King Snake:

The Panama Limited:

Death Letter:

Come On In My Kitchen:

Jinx Blues:

No Expectations:

How Firm A Foundation:

Blues Vintage:
Hi Patrick, Welcome to Weenie Campbell.

I'm no expert on banjo but it sounds good to me. The YouTube links don't work, at least where I live.

Mike Billo:
 I enjoyed that a lot. Cool playing

Sounds great!!  Fun changes and fresh twists to old classics...well done!


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