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For those of you who enjoyed the last session with Professor Scratchy and myself, we had another yesterday and Thomas was over too. Much fun playing and blues related chat. I have no idea what tune to share, but there are four new ones on my channel if you fancy a look. The Prof broke out some 12 string guitars this time too. :-)

Cheers, and merry christmas. :-)


I always enjoy checking out your channel Richard. Great stuff. All the best for Christmas and in 2022!


Blues Vintage:
I'm a abonnee of the channel. Always excellent uploads.

I haven't listened to all of the tunes from the most recent session, but "Black Mattie" sounds great to me in every respect, vocal, instruments individually and in the ensemble, tone and spirit. I'm happy for you guys to have found each other and to have the opportunity to make music together. Merry Christmas to Scotland!
All best,

Parlor Picker:
Top quality!!


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