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Hi all,

Had a wee blues music afternoon with fellow forum contributor and pal Prof Scratchy today and we recorded a few clips along the way which I've put on my youtube channel if you fancy a look. Here's the first one, an Arthur Crudup tune.



Really a nice job by both of you! Vocally, that range is right in your kitchen, Richard, you sound good and bright there. And you sound like an ace, Prof! You've got Crudup's sound up the neck perfectly. A treat!
All best,

Blues Vintage:
Excellent. Superb Crudup style.   Sold all your CD's?  :(

Thatís really top-notch - both guitar and vocal!


--- Quote from: Blues Vintage on December 09, 2021, 01:39:11 PM ---Sold all your CD's?  :(

--- End quote ---

Had to think about that there, as we didn't put any CD's out, hah, but you mean the empty racks! No, just moved house and they're still in boxes. :-)

Thanks all for kind words. :-)



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