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Signed up for a course on Udemy called Traditional Acoustic Blues Guitar just over a year ago, and this was the first song on it. Hadn't played anything quite like it so it took a good while to get a degree of fluency and freedom with it, but starting to think I can move to the second song soon. :-)

Prof Scratchy:
Excellent and sounding good!

Norfolk Slim:
Yup- that's nicely done.   Provides the essence for lots of other raggy tunes too.

Looks like a deecent value batch of instructional material at todays "bargain" price.

Cheers guys. Aye it musta been a hell of a lot of work to put the whole course together - nightmarish I would imagine! I think when I started I may have only known the one song in standard tuning (Lightnin' Hopkins in E) so there was some good fundamental info for me before it came to the first song too. I took his advice and kept listening to Mance's version and changed several things from how he does it on the course to be more like how I hear Mance doing it, which will no doubt be as much of an ongoing process as I wish to make it. :-)

Blues Vintage:
Excellent, you have a great blues voice. Great picking too.

David Moore, who made the course and the man behind the incredible "Old School Blues Guitar" site and YouTube channel passed away last January.


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