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Daddy John's Birthday!

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I thought it sounded like on of those "i daren't look at the price tag" type guitars! :) Lovely sound.

i should say that my "bizarre S&M anthem" theory for Ain't no Tellin' has been debunked and rightfully so. It was just me mishearing the original lyric! Maybe I should do a rewrite?

I must now go away and put some time in to get my thumb working properly. I'm looking forward to hearing how this piece progresses over the next few months.

here's to the next 120 years :)

Nice renditions, guys!  I would have liked to contribute something, but trying to figure out Garage Band and getting something recorded in the same day over-taxed my computer abilities.
All best,

colm kill paul:
Thanks Johnm!

I'm a bit late with this, but I'd just like to join in the birthday celebrations with Jelly Roll Jones' version of Richland Woman, it's my favourite of all the songs we do. This was recorded a couple of years ago.


Great! You guys need a manager?

Looking at the whole scene, you've got all the necessary ingredients for a massively good time--musical instruments, beers, and someone gettin' down with a scrubboard.

Thanks for posting that.


ps Where do the spouses go? Salsa dancing?


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