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uncle bud:
Hi all - For some reason, I just noticed that we don't have a sticky topic explaining in general the way that lyric transcriptions and requests are dealt with on Weenie, so better late than never.

Pretty simple: When asking for lyrics or help with lyrics, the best approach is to post what you have transcribed yourself first. Then other people can jump in and offer suggestions, corrections, references to other lyrics etc.

We realize English is not the first language of everyone who visits the forum and there will be exceptions to the above.


Also, please transcribe every line, the "x2" thing is usually inaccurate, even if it's only an accent word, "well", "oh" etc

Not being anal or anything.

Dare I also mention the proper use of capitals and never that awful lower case text message stuff  >:(

I can translate the lyrics in some languages.

Hi all,
I thought this would be a good time to give an update on the status of the Country Blues Lyrics board.  Because I've known for some time that the lyric threads are of little educational value if they don't include performance videos of the songs being transcribed, I have added performance videos to virtually every thread on the board, with the exception of ones where no version of the performance could be found on youtube or I didn't know how to search, as in the case of some of the prison field recordings, or ones that asked for help in writing original lyrics, or questioned the origin of a turn of phrase encountered in Country Blues lyrics.  As you can imagine, this took some time to do.

For that reason, I would like to suggest new posting protocols for the Country Blues Lyrics board:
   * When posting to a pre-existing thread a new song for which a transcription has not previously been posted, or starting a new thread with a request for lyrics to a song or the lyrics for a song, complete or in progress, please attach a performance video of the rendition that is being transcribed.
   * If you know that there were multiple takes of the song you're posting the lyrics to, please name the take of the song that you're transcribing and make sure that the video you attach is of the same take.  I should note that this procedure was observed scrupulously in the Blind Lemon Jefferson Lyrics thread, and it made all of the difference in the world in being able to match up the right videos with the right sets of lyrics.  (Speaking of the Lemon Jefferson lyric thread, what an amazing collaborative achievement!  Kudos to all who contributed.  I added videos up to page 22 of the thread, of which there are 49 pages.  There are some alternate takes listed after that, but I don't know if they made it into Weeniepedia.  I will check on that.)

Please do observe these new guidelines.  I'd prefer not to be put in the position of adding performance videos to new posts on this board in perpetuity.  Thanks for your help in this, going forward.  I'm really glad to have done it because I think the board will be so much more effective as a learning and listening place now.

All best,



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