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First one found!  :D

From "Sinner and Saints (1926-1931)" - Document CD 5106

Gonna Tip Out Tonight

I says go on girl
don't sing them blues to me
Because I'm sweet
as any man can be
She even told me
to my face
That any old rounder
sure can take my place
Said I'm getting tired
of your lowdown ways
I'm going back
to my babe today
So come on girl
honey you can't bluff
I'm going to tip out tonight
and I'm going to strut my stuff

Hi Marco,
As I read your most recent post I realized I have transcribed all the lyrics to "Tip Out Tonight", including the verse and segue and also give the chord progression over on the Main Forum in a thread called "Rag Blues And Circle of Fifths".  The post can be found on page 2 of the thread, which is currently on the first page of the Forum at the bottom.
All best,

Hi all,
Pink Anderson recorded an epic version of "The Wreck Of The Old 97" for Samuel Charters in Spartanburg, South Carolina on August 14, 1961.  The version can be found on "The Blues of Pink Anderson--Ballad and Folksinger, Vol. 3" on Prestige Bluesville, OBCCD-577-2.  It is recently enough since Fantasy, who put out the CD version of this recording, went under, that there are probably still some copies of the CD in stores.  If you find it, nab it--it's a great CD. 

Pink played this out of D in standard tuning, and did it from beginning to end (four minutes and thirty-eight seconds!) without taking a single solo or interrupting the narrative flow in any way.  That's a lot of words to remember without coming up for air!  Most versions I have heard of this song have fewer than half as many verses as Pink sang.  I have been meaning to transcribe this one for a while.  I think my favorite aspect of it is the way Pink keeps singing about "Steve"; it's like he's talking about his next-door neighbor.  I hope you all get a chance to hear this one.

   On the 29th day of one November morning
   When the cloud was hangin' low
   97 pulled out from Washington city
   Like an arrow shot from the bow

   97 was the fastest mail train
   The South had ever seen
   And it run from New York by the way of Washington
   Through Atlanta down in New Orlean (sic)

   I was standing on the mount one cold and frosty morning
   Watching the smoke from below
   That were comin' from the funnel of that black and dusty engine
   Way down up on that Southern road

   It was 97, the fastest mail train
   That run the Southern line
   And when she pulled in, at Lynchburg, Virginia
   She was forty-seven minutes behind

   Steve Brady, he was an engineerah (sic)
   And a very brave man was he
   Well, there're many good men have lost their life
   For the railroad company

   When they give him his orders at Monroe, Virginia
   Said, "Steve, you's way behind.
   This is not 38, but it's old 97,
   You must put her in Spencer on time."

   Steve, he smiled when he said to his black and dusty fireman
   "Throw me in a little more coal
   And as soon as we cross this White Oak Mountain
   You can watch my driver roll."

   It was mighty rough road from Lynchburg to Danville
   The line on a 3-mile grade
   It were on that hill where he lost his air brakes
   You can see what a jump he made

   Steve come down that hill makin' 90 miles an hour
   His whistle began to scream
   Steve was found in the wreck with his hand upon the throttle
   And scalded to death by the steam

   Steve, he had a little wife and also two children
   Who were lyin' at home in bed
   They received the sad message saying, "Husband and father
   Now'm is lyin' in North Danville, dead."

   Now, ladies, you ought to let this be a warning
   This, from now and on
   Never speak hard words to your true lovin' husband
   They may leave you and never return

Edited to pick up correction from ScottN, 3/28/14

All best,

Roy Bookbinder was an aquaintance of Pink Anderson and I believe that he has over the years had a number of PA songs in his repertoire.
If you go to www.roybookbinder.comyou may be able to message Roy and get some lyrics out of him.
Good luck

Or Roy may drop in here, as he often does.

Welcome to Weenie Campbell, littledog.

A lot of us spent a week with Book last summer at Port Townsend, including a few late evenings, and he stops by every so often.

All for now.
John C.


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