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George wanted to take Lonzie to record with Albert Macon and Robert Thomas, and the daughter was hesitant to let Lonzie get in a car with George, or with anybody, but George reassured her. So George helped him in the car, and put the car in reverse, and drove directly into a nearby ditch. Lonzie turned and said, "Man, George, you may as well let me drive!" - Fred Fussell describes George Mitchell chauffeuring the blind Lonzie Thomas to a recording session, from notes to The George Mitchell Collection

Author Topic: Google Search tips  (Read 417 times)

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Google Search tips
« on: October 02, 2018, 08:42:01 AM »
You might know this already but if you don't this is for you. This is not about the search box on weenie, it's about using Google search.

I thought it might be useful to post this after reading through the "shake sugaree" thread. Here's a tip when using Google to search for something on the web. The problem is the results you get are swamped by "noise" references, in this case to a Grateful Dead song, if your search term is just "sugaree".

To eliminate such noise you can tell google search to explicitly exclude it. To do this, type a dash (think of it as a minus sign), in front of words or phrases you want excluded from the results. In this example, the search should be for the following:

Code: [Select]
sugaree -"grateful dead"
Here are the cleaner results returned with "Grateful Dead" filtered-out: sugaree -"Grateful Dead"

To see the noisy search results returned without the filter click this: sugaree

Note that you can exclude multiple distractions, just add more -"exclude" commands on the end of your search terms. For example, the filter doesn't catch other noise items, so here's a cleaner result set: sugaree -"grateful dead" -"dead and company" -garcia -tedeschi -bakery -"ice cream" -jdarks -dylan

Still not totally clean but getting better. Sugaree is a very noisy search term. Just keep adding filters until the noise is bearable.

I hope this helps make google search a more useful tool for researching things that have mega distractions crowding-out the meat in your results.
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Offline Rivers

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Re: Google Search tips
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 09:06:17 AM »
Oh while I'm at it, here's another "use case", where you only want results that contain a specific word or phrase. Use a plus sign instead of a minus in your filter. So for example you want sugaree references that mention Marty Robbins: sugaree +"Marty Robbins"
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