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Vigilante Man- and the Porch needs some love...

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Norfolk Slim:
The Back Porch has become a little dusty and quiet...  Many seem to post on youtube, or on the acoustic blues pickers channel on FB these days (I certainly do...) but I thought the Weenie Back Porch deserved a bit of love.

So below is a tune I recorded whilst practising tonight.  Woody Guthrie's Vigilante Man- via Ry Cooder and Ben Andrews, and me. 

I wonder if we should have some little project for the Back Porch- some sort of song challenge, or a post for an artists's birthday type thing to give it a shot in the arm?   Any thoughts?

OK Simon,

Why not:

Prof Scratchy:
Very good call from Norfolk Slim! Who has project ideas? Frankie used to be good at those, but havenít heard from him for a good while, sadly.

First, compliments to Norfolk Slim for his rendition of Vigilante Man, enjoyed the vocal and the guitar.

Second - just a thought - perhaps a monthly "Work in Progress" with the person who takes the month presenting something they have been working that they feel is presentable,and telling a little bit about why they chose the song, the guitar or other instrument(s) they chose for it, perhaps which version inspired their choice and inviting others to join in with their own for the month.  Sometimes just hearing another member's playing triggers a -"say thanks and here's mine" response.

Just to add, the song could either be a filmed video, or a jpeg with sound from youtube or
 audio from soundcloud.

Thanks, Simon and Phil, for the performances.  Since when have you played lefty, Simon?  Do you play left and right-handed?  I know Phil is a southpaw.
I like Harriet's idea of posting works in progress, and I also solicited posts in the thread in the Back Porch, "Covering The Song, Not The Arrangement", where folks could post their own arrangements (not recreations) of Country Blues songs, but it's not generated any posts apart from my initial re-working of Rev. Davis' "Candyman".  I've got a couple I may post there soon.  I like the idea of people showing visually or in sound what they've been up to, musically.
All best,


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