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Great house concert by Erin Harpe in the UK


Mike Shipman:
We don?t often get US country blues players this side of the Atlantic, so to have the opportunity to see someone, ?up close and personal?, was a rare treat. Erin Harpe played with hubbie  Jim Countryman (great names! All real!!) and provided two excellent sets of her string snapping, finger picking songs from Memphis Minnie (and many others, my memory isn?t great), as well as her own. A great vocal demo as well as dexterous digits roaming all over the fretboard.
Thanks Erin and Jim, thanks too to Bob Long for hosting this and to John  Gregory for organising and transporting.
Nice to see other Weenies there too, Graham Tonge and Norfolk Slim, shame there wasn?t much time to chat.
A great evening!

Parlor Picker:
Pity it was so far away or else I might well have been there.


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