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USB Microphone recommendations?

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Regards the obsolete - it royally annoyed me the earlier version of the iMic was not compatible with an IOS upgrade and now only works on my mac - I don't record through IOS - but I think that is a valid consideration for purchasing. 

I wasn't going to post this but for my iphone I used an inexpensive Rode Videomicme that plug and plays into an iphone headphone jack and got good results - I think. Why I wanted it was because if you capture through the headphone jack you can leave the iphone plugged into electricity.  (The video capture was simultaneous through an ipad - I don't like closeups... ) The guitar is coming both the instrument and the amp on the floor and the vocal is still audible over that at 1 minute

If anyone wants to consider this -



Blues Vintage:
I also recommend the Blue Yeti. I just got one second hand. The Yeti Pro is hardly an upgrade and not worth the extra bucks from what I've read but it does have the abillity to record at 192 kHz/24-bit.

Looks like Toby Walker has recorded his latest (yet to be released album) "From The Ground Up" using a Blue Yeti with Audacity.

I got this "Widget" which looks silly and cool and sounds pretty damned good! The price is right.

I have the Zoom H2n.
Benefits, multiple polar patterns for the mic.
Choice of recording formats.
Can be used as a USB mic, or standalone digital recorder.
Great piece of kit.


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