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--- Quote ---Just bought the Buddy Moss, I've tried 3 times , even with reboot, and "Buy" window won't let me buy Hard Times lesson! HELP!

--- End quote ---

Ooops, my fault!  Button code was messed up - all fixed now, please give it another try - thanks for your patience!   :-\

Hi Miller and John D.,
Great to hear from you, Miller, and I'm glad to hear that you are coming out from under recent computer woes.  I think you will really enjoy both "New Lovin'" and "Hard Time Blues".  And thanks for attending to the messed up order button, John D., because I wouldn't have a clue how to remedy such a problem!
All best,


The new lessons look great.  I'll be sending you a check for the Buddy moss and the Lane Hardin tunes (like last time).  I got a mp3 player recently (30gb) and can carry the lessons with me when I travel.  It's large enough to contain my entire Document/Yazoo/other collection of country blues - about 6,000 titles!




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