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Coyote Slim:
Nice looking website -- very simple, easy to navigate, and best of all, it didn't freeze my browser!

I'm glad the site worked as intended for you, Slim.  Sometimes I think it takes a while to get the glitches out.
All best,

Nice looking website, John - congratulations!

Hi all,
In the interest of building up the livelihood I make from playing and teaching music, I've expanded the "Teaching" section at my website,  If you go there, you'll find a list of the Country Blues songs I've transcribed (not including the ones on the Stefan Grossman DVDs).  A procedure is outlined for doing lessons through the mail, with which you get TAB and a CD on which I talk through the playing of the piece in detail with right and left hand fingering tips, etc.  I also do transcriptions of songs that are not already on the list.  Cost of lessons and payment options are explained at the site.  Tunes that might be of interest to some Weenies are three Buddy Moss songs never transcribed before to my knowledge, "Unkind Woman", "Oh Lordy Mama" and "Insane Blues", and a raft of Bo Carter tunes.
I still intend to add to the list of "audio-only" lessons at the Weenie Site, but if you prefer working from TAB or have a special request or don't want to wait for a particular song to get posted here, the private mail order lesson may be an option that would work for you.  Thanks for your time.
All best,

Nice site John.

No doubt when I've finished working on the Texas Blues dvd I'll be signing up for postal lessons, there are some great tunes there that I've "almost" nailed but still "almost".


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