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New Black Patti Album "Satan's Funeral" w/ Artwork by R. Crumb

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Mr. Jelly Roll:
Dear Weenies and fellow nerds,
my Duo Black Patti has just released a new record (on CD/LP) called "Satan's Funeral" with 11 spirituals and a fantastic artwork drawn by Robert Crumb.

Check it out via bandcamp:

Enjoy and all the best to you all,
Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Kraemer

joe paul:
Just had a listen and it sounds great, good work!
I'll be in touch about getting a vinyl copy when they're ready.


Mr. Jelly Roll:
That would be much appreciated man.

All the best

Blues Vintage:
Congratulations, great record.
Did you just ask Crumb to the artwork? I think he still lives in France.

Mr. Jelly Roll:
Thank you so much! Yes, Crumb lives in France. He heard demo recordings of the record and was willing to draw an artwork, which is extremely generous and a big honor for us.


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