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I spent my summer in lockdown recording a set of jug band songs by matching the original arrangements as accurately as possible. I got especially drawn into some of the guitar interplay between Will Shade and Charlie Burse. I was also forced to raise my nose whistle game for a Whistler's Jug Band song.  :)

Anyway, I just posted these in a new website with a multi-track audio player so people can explore the arrangements themselves:

I hope to add more songs over time and create a good reference for studying early jug band recordings.

Very cool.... in fact amazing.  Love how you can explore the different tracks.  The pandemic bears fruit!  I'll go back and explore further.  Thanks for sharing your work.

arlo, you need to configure a signature to your posts.... make it link to your cool website.

Prof Scratchy:
Fantastic resource. Thanks!

Brilliant Work!


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