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Some more love for the Back Porch - M.Sheiks and Robert J.


joe paul:
I'd been meaning to follow Simon and Phil's good example and post something here, but I wanted to wait till I had something fresh, and as it turns out it was kind of last minute, hosting our local open mic on the last night before we got shut down.
There was a good noisy crowd!
One of my favourite Mississippi Sheiks tunes :

and an old blues chestnut from Robert Johnson :

Hope you enjoy them,


You sound good, Gordon!  Your grooving and time sound really good, and your singing sounds comfortable.  Have you ever thought of translating some of the lyrics to French for your audience?  I bet "Traveling Riverside" would really make a hit done that way, though it might be hard to make it scan well in the rhythm.
All best,

Blues Vintage:
Nice. You sound very americana for a man from France. I love the back porch.

Prof Scratchy:
I enjoyed that, joe paul! Thanks!

joe paul:
Hey, thank you, glad you liked them.
I've heard too many blues sung in French sounding really strange to my ears to think seriously about doing it myself, but when I remember to do it I find that introducing the numbers, explaining something in the text, some kind of joke or anecdote goes down well, helps people get over the language barrier. 
And I've been living longer in France now than anywhere else, but my passport still says the UK on it...


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