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Experimenting with presentation, new AT2020USB plus microphone, and processing...

Sounds good, Harriet!  That's pretty cool with the rain in the background.  It's neat when it changes keys, and I was glad you did some singing, too.  Well done!
All best,

Prof Scratchy:
Enjoyed that Harriet. Very atmospheric playing, singing and video!

Hi All,

Thanks for the kind words, John and Professor!

I usually record progress for myself, but I enjoyed the sound of playing to the rain for myself and I thought I needed a break from studying and learning.  It seems to be modestly well received so I am pleased with that.

The break was good and I've gone back to working on some tunes with a bit of a fresh perspective and approach to the material, to move forward.

My Best,

Nice! Excellent editing, Final Cut Pro? I'm trying to get my head around this cinematic production stuff myself. I have a new drone with a good camera. Let me know if you wanna do some footage and can handle an annoying quadcopter buzzing around the set... (:


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