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Norfolk Slim:
On the way home from work tonight I was listening to some Patton in the car and it ocurred to me that it was odd, given that most of the big names have a dedicated dvd/video by someone, that no one has done Patton yet.

Most of the big names have had the tuition dvd treatment- Johnson: Ainslie, Mctell: Hawkins, Blind Lemon: Ari, Blake: Woody Man, Broonzy: Woody Mann, John Hurt: John Miller etc etc

Some of the less obvious names have been done too (John's Robert Wilkins and Furry Lewis come instantly to mind).

But no Patton (unless someone can tell me otherwise).  And, come to think of it, no Booker White or Son House either.  The latter is perhaps understandable as most of his stuff was pretty simple in terms of notes (though not in terms of getting the whole effect...) but no Booker or Patton is perhaps surprising.

I wondered if (1) anyone had any thoughts as to why those two haven't been done and (2) whether there are any other "big names" who haven't had the dvd treatment yet?

While there is no instructional DVD dedicated wholly to Charlie Patton - there are a number of artist/teachers who cover him in some respect.  If you do a search on 'Charlie Patton' on the homespun site you get 11 DVDs:

uncle bud:
Patton's hard. Not hard like Blake or Lonnie Johnson or Rev. Gary Davis. It's a much more physical, elemental sort of package, IMO. I don't think the instructional material exists because there is almost no one who can pull Patton off with sufficient authority. I think some of what he was doing on the guitar is still very much a matter of debate as well. Then there is the fact that there's a chunk of Patton material that is almost certainly played lap style. And I think that while existing material dealing with Patton can give you good ideas (Stefan Grossman covers some as well as I recall), it is more likely to teach you how to play the way Instructor X arranges Patton.

Stefan G. keeps talking about doing a Patton DVD with somebody.

Edited to add: It seems to me what would really be more interesting for dealing with Patton would be several instructors over several DVDs getting as close as they can to whatever Patton material they're drawn to.

Alvin Youngblood Hart is both the most likely and most unlikely candidate that comes to my mind.

hello friend,
i remember posting on stefan's website about a patton lesson. many others have, too. he said he'd love to, the only problem was finding someone who could do patton correctly. i know wax does a pretty good patton, if i may say so  :)
i would love to see some on booker white, son house, sam collins, blind willie johnson & fred mcdowell as well. i find it much more rewarding sitting down & tackling a bunch of songs from one person, instead of learning a song from one person. one song doesn't teach 'style' as much for me.
& if anyone is aware of some good instruction on the playing of junior barnard, i'd love to see that too. (i have ray benson's homespun tape)

Prof Scratchy:
I too was thinking Wax for the yet-to-be-made Patton tuition DVD! He's covered a wide range of the material very credibly and would do a good job of explaining it. And as  a former thespian he wouldn't be camera-shy either! How about it Wax?


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