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Hello all.

New guy on the boards here.. longtime associate of poney_boy in the confines of the "real world."

Aside from that, a big fan of the pre-war blues. I posted a link here in my livejournal and quite a few people thanked me for the link.. so if not a few more posters, i'm sure a few more listeners!

Anyway, just thought i'd say hello.

- Cam

Hi Cam, welcome to the forum!

Many of us are returning from a week at the Centrum workshop (which folks will be posting about in the coming week), so excuse the belated welcome.


the weenie roll, that is.

It seems like we've had something of a population explosion here in the last couple of weeks, so I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread for members new and old to introduce themselves.? That being said...

I'm frankie - been playing guitar for 20 years and listening to country blues from the beginning, although I didn't try to play it myself until I'd been playing for about 10 years.? I never thought I could do it!? heh - still can't really do it, but I'm less worried about sucking these days.? The thing that turned the screw for me was hearing Carl Martin's recording of Crow Jane Blues.? Up until then, I had been fascinated with Robert Johnson and early Muddy Waters and hadn't ventured much beyond that.? Shortly thereafter, I had the good fortune to meet Ari Eisinger, who really opened up my ears to what was out there.

I was introduced to weeniedom about five or six years ago by Slack, who sent me an invitation to a mailing list that he ran with a bunch of other CB nuts - all Port Townsend alumni.? At the time, I was a regular contributor to - a veritable desert as far as CB is concerned - and had taken to posting long and pedantic messages that only the seven or eight other CB nuts would read, much less respond to...

My first time at Port Townsend was in 2001 - I had a great time.? Beyond great - so many amazing players.? I'm going back one of these years, once I can work out how best to get my whole family out there...

So - pleased to meet you all!

I'm Aaron, 27 yrs, been into prewar music for about 10 yrs after hearing Last Kind Word in Crumb.  First, I only had some Robert Johnson and it took me a while to find out much more than that.  I bought a few Columbia releases (most of them terribly remastered, I later realized), and when I discovered Yazoo, that opened up a new world for me.  I later got into string band and some jazz stuff.  I've been playing guitar for about 13 years, but am still an amateur.  I still have no idea what or who weenie campbell is.

At the risk of telling you more than you want to know... :)

Aaron, Weenie Campbell comes from the 1997 Port Townsend Workshop.  A couple mischievous faculty members noticed that no one was signing up for the particpants concert.  To 'break the ice' they worte in "Blind Weenie Campbell" in the #1 spot.  He didn't show up of course and so he has come to represent a mystery no-show, a reluctant performer and a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously (which is indeed tough to do when you call yourself a 'Weenie').  There is more to it than that, but you'll have to come to Port Townsend.
In any case I'm Slack (aka JohnD), 52.  I put my guitar away for about 20 years until my oldest son (then 12) said he wanted to learn to play.  I pulled my old Gibson J30 out of the closet (which I had bought in High School) and brushed up in order to teach him the basics.  I enjoyed relearning to play, but had mostly been a strummer and a pattern picker and decided what I _really_ wanted to play was Country blues.  I had listened to John Hurt in the 60's, which I attempted to play, but gave up, thinking it was impossible. So I started buying CD's and instructional material from Homespun... and began the slow process of making my fingers do what they did not want to do.  Someone listed a faculty line up for Port Townsend on the RMMGA newsgroup and I sent off for the brochure, telling my spouse when it arrived - that THAT was my idea of a vacation. Bless her heart, she kept reminding me about the brochure and encouraging me until I signed up.  Port Townsend  was the eye opener for me (I had never heard of Bo Carter for example). 

I've been interested in computers for over 20 years, for enjoyment and as a means of making a better living (I have computer related duties at work and do some computer consulting on the side).  I became interested in building virtual communities as a means of learning computer communications and ran a pre-internet, landline Bulletin Board System called "La Cantina BBS" (sort of a Margaritaville theme) in the mid 80's - which the internet mercifully killed.  I also started building guitars, mandolins and ukuleles about 5 years ago.  So I've got a good mix of  time consuming interests and when I fail at one, I can then blame it on the others. ;)

Step on up folks! 


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