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Blues Vintage:
I have a possibility to buy a few 78s. Does anyone knows the approximate value of the records listed below?

Tampa Red - Don't You Lie To Me / Don't Deal With The Devil (RCA Victor, Excellent)

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - I Don't Know It / That's Your Red Wagon (RCA Victor, Very Good ++)

Jazz Gillum ‎- I'm Not The Lad / Long Razor Blues (RCA Victor, Excellent)

Sonny Boy Williamson - Cool, Cool Blues / Do It If You Wanta (Trumpet, Very Good)

Hi Blues Vintage:

eBay is a good place to start. I did a quick check and here's what came up (USD is approximate): #1 $42 USD; #2 $50 USD; #3 $12 USD, $20 USD; #4 Didn't see it on eBay (too many compilations are listed--nothing when I searched for a 78), but a guide listed it at $22 USD in 2018.

Hope this helps.

Blues Vintage:
Thanks Stuart,

The seller wants

#1  55 USD
#2  82 USD
#3  44 USD
#4  55 USD


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