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Instrumental country blues?

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I didn't find topic of instrumental (acoustic) counry blues, so here is it. My humble quess is that most of them are guitar solos but I remember heard harmonica and madolin tunes also.

It would be nice to have list of them. My memory doesn't serve me very well, but here are few for the start.

Sylvester Weaver: Guitar rag

Mississippi John Hurt: Spanish Fandang (I'm not sure if there are two different songs that has same name), Shake that thing (humming part of the tune)

Elisabeth Cotten: Spanish Fandang, Run run run, Washington blues, Holy Ghost, unchain my name, Vestapol, Honey babe your papa cares for you, Wilson rag, Graduation march, Gaslight blues, Jenny, Street blues, Casey Jones, Boddie's song, Take me back to Baltimore, Fox chase, Ontario blues, Home sweet home

Blind Willie Johnson: Dark Was the Night, Cold was the Ground (almost instrumental though Wilie hums and it's kind of singing or other instrument)

Sam McGee: Franklin blues

Etta Baker: Piedmont blues

Blind Blake: West coast blues, Guitar chimes, Southern rag, Blind Arthur's Breakdown

Blues Vintage:
Tampa Red - Denver Blues, Moanin' Heart Blues, Chicago Moan Blues

I think he had more. An fast up-tempo one too.

Blues Vintage:
I thought we already had topics about this and here they are,

Country Blues Instrumentals

Guitar Instrumentals

The up-tempo Tampa Red instrumental is listed - "Boogie Woogie Dance"

^Thanks for the info. And yes, I know Tampa Red's Boogie woogie dance - great tune - but couldn't rememeber it yesterday. Few other tunes came to mind so I'll check thouse topics.

joe paul:
As we're talking about Tampa Red, he also did quite an uptown feeling instrumental called Bumble Bee Blues (on the 4th Document collection) and a really neat one called You Got To Reap What You Sow (on the Document number 2).
Blues Vintage mentioned Denver Blues, that's a beautiful slower one which sounds like it developed and grew out of his Moanin' Heart Blues a year or two earlier, there's a lot in common.


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