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McCoy or Vinson?

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Blues Vintage:
Charlie McCoy recorded "Last Time Blues", is it McCoy himself on guitar or Vinson?
BG and R have McCoy (probably). John Miller listed McCoy in the lyrics thread.
Somebody thinks it's Vinson and asked me to verify the song and the guitarist.

It Ain't No Good - Part II (wrong title?, should be Last Time Blues)

Charlie McCoy - Last Time Blues

Hi Blues Vintage,
Listen to "Motherless And Fatherless Blues", immediately following "Last Time Blues" in the Charlie McCoy Lyrics thread. Both songs are played by the same player and sung by the same singer. "Motherless and Fatherless" is clearly attributed to Charlie McCoy--so should be "Last Time Blues". Are there any recordings anywhere of Walter Vinson playing slide? It's certainly not Walter Vinson singing on "Last Time Blues".

Blues Vintage:
OK, thanks John.
Those Document Records videos and a lot of other single song videos seem to be auto-generated by YouTube.
Probably no "real" people posting that or even checking that. 

Hi Blues Vintage: I agree. This YT video appears under the topic of "(the other) Charlie McCoy," something a person with knowledge of McCoy and Vinson would not do. Under many of the songs we see, "Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises." You can read more here:

My guess is that in many instances we're no longer in the realm of an individual uploading a song from his or her collection. It's technology at work behind the scenes.

Blues Vintage:
Artificial intelligence you might say, but maybe never smart enough (now or in the future) to notice these kind of things.


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