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Old-Time Igor:
Howdy! I'll be in NY next week.. Any tips for places to visit? I already have tickets to Jalopy on saturday,Corey Harris.. Stitch bar is not far where i'm staying... Cheers from Helsinki, Igor

Blues Vintage:
I know there is a B.B. King Blues Club (there was, I just found out).
It closed down about 5 years ago, like many other live music venues in New York.

Times Square venue B.B. King’s Blues Club & Grill is closing down

If you like jazz, Tuesday's at Mona's is a supposedly a good time--with lousy food and pricey drinks, but with top shelf musicians getting together to jam.

It's NYC and everything is expensive. I've never been, but I've seen and met some of the NYC based musicians who play there on a regular basis. If you're there for the music, then the experience is probably worth the $15 minimum.

There are videos on YouTube that can serve as a sampler.

I lived in Brooklyn for the 1980s, so I have no knowledge of current music venues, except for Jalopy by reputation. But, I was a NYC cab driver for several years and one of the popular destinations for tourists was the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, which is only three neighborhoods above Red Hook where Jalopy is. It is the best view of downtown Manhattan and the water activity along the East River, all of the bridges and the skyscrapers of midtown.

One of the neighborhoods in between is called Cobble Hill and is where I lived. All these areas are greatly gentrified since the '80s. Interestingly perhaps, Cobble Hill was where General Washington viewed, across the Gowanus Creek, now Canal, the battle of Long Island, in the area of what is now Prospect Park.

There are lots of good eateries in this area, especially Brooklyn Heights, but if you are into Middle Eastern food I would suggest you go to the Tripoli on Atlantic Ave, a large thoroughfare that is the border between Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill. The interior of the restaurant is, or was, like an old lateen ship, and I would recommend the Shiek al M’ehshi, eggplant with ground lamb, rice and pine nuts. I googled and Tripoli ( is still there and the M’ehshi is still on the menu ($19). Alas, the ship decor is gone.

Also, Queen Pizza, on Court St within a few blocks N of Atlantic, if extant, was always one of the top rated pizzerias in NYC and features a white pizza.


Old-Time Igor:
Thanks for the tips waxwind,Stuart,bluesvintage!
We did have great times in New York. Tasty food, museums (Whitney was my favourite..but damn, too late for Hopper's..) Went up to the Empire State Building on my 50th birthday.. We went to the Stitch bar to listen Jonathan Kalb...and finally on saturday:Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn! What a place!!! First the Tavern, super nice athmosphere with super nice,easy going people...tasty,spicy food,good drinks...My kinda bar!! ..and the Theatre: just amazing!! In better world there is "Jalopy" in every town..or at least every capital city. And then the music: on Tavern there was some singer/song writers performing..i did only have change to hear on song from some guy..i liked that song.. But the star of the evening was Corey Harris. What a great performer!!! Loved the way he sings and the way he plays guitar backing the songs..singing (the song) first, guitar second!  I was lucky to have change to talk with him and i hope we'll meet again someday..
I would like to thank Jalopy Staff (Eli...and..sorry forget the names) for the perfect musical evening!
..on sunday we went to the Village to hear some jazz: Arthur's Tavern and then jam sessions at the Small's....  It was great!

..i'll share this video of Corey playing  his "Some of these days"

Cheers, Igor



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