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"Stomp that Thing"


I'm interested in Frank Stokes' song, "Stomp That Thing," and just read through a few of the earlier threads on the forum that mention this song. What does"stomp that thing" as a phrase mean--is this a call to dance? To play music? To raise hell? Something else entirely?  I notice the same phrase is spoken at the end of "Mama, Let Me Lay It On You."  Also interested in additional interpretations of "Stomp that Thing" lyrics, and any evidence that dates the song earlier than 1928.

The lines "Now stomp it in the summertime / you needn't wait till fall" suggest to me that it may have been played on the medicine show circuit, at harvestime. Thanks in advance.

Blues Vintage:
Robert Cremer's "Secret Language of the Blues: What the Lyrics Really Mean" lists that very song under;

Stomp that thing or Stomp it; To get wasted, to become drop-dead drunk.

It also means just an up tempo song. Or a dance. Or even a intensifier like "doggone".  Check out "Barrelhouse Words" by Stephen Calt for more details.

Wow. Makes sense and as I write about twenties blues and alcohol references....I'm happy to know this!  Thanks a million for the references.


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