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About the Saturday Night Fish and the Events Calendar - Please Read


We've renamed our "Other Events" board to 'Saturday Night Fish Fry' and added a couple of Child boards.  Country Blues Players and Enthusiasts are often isolated and we'd like to encourage you to post your location if you are looking for someone local to play or enthuse with.  Another good resource for finding someone in your local is the Weenie Campbell Member Map

We're glad folks are finding Weenie Campbell and posting their Workshop, Calendar and Festival Events.

You are also welcome to post your Event in our Events Calendar.  The advantage of doing this is that the Event will appear on our Front Page under "Date To Note" in the right hand side bar.  

Posting an Event is about the same as posting a message. Calendar entries can now be linked to Posts(in order to provide more details of the event). The default board where linked posts are written is "Country Blues - Other Events", but posts may be directed to whatever board is appropriate.

There are various ways to enter the Calendar.  There is "Member Calendar" menu item on the left side bar.  You can click either a Mini Calendar day link or the mini Paramount Poster both located on the right side bar (the Mini Calendar also features a tiny Weenie graphic that you can mouse over in order to see the event listed without going to the full size calendar). And there is a "Calendar" menu tab on the main forum index.  You can also link to a post after you've saved entry - there is now a tab at the bottom of the calendar named appropriately enough "Link To Calendar".  So, feel free to give it a try and if you need some help, just holler.



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