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2022 Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop via Hook, Crook and Zoom


ICYMI:  What began in 1993 as the Port Townsend Country Blues Workshop is officially returning to three dimensions in 2022, live and in person - AND online, from Monday, August 1 through Friday, August 7. 

The blend of nuevo and veteran faculty is good, with the blessing of Bentonia's Blue Front Cafe proprietor Jimmy "Duck" Holmes juxtaposed with the presence of Conan O'Brien bandleader Jimmy Vivino.  Roy Bookbinder will return, along with Jerron Paxton, Lightnin' Wells, Rich del Grosso. Valerie Turner and many more.  Here's the faculty link:

Monday is orientation, with classes & events Tuesday-Friday.  Tuition is $610 adult/$200 youth.  For those who cannot attend live, Centrum continues to offer online participation for the bargain breeze of $100.

Last and least, Centrum's pandemified protocols can be reviewed here:

David Kaatz:
Anyone find a description of the available online "audit" classes on the website? I see that they offer 2 alternatives each class time slot, but I don't want to sign up without knowing what the options actually will be. Will it be the same pair of classes every day, so that one can get some continuity through the week? Also the registration doesn't explain how to sign up for the audit/online option.


1) The current plan is to have each faculty member do at least one online session.  This and other aspects may flesh out as the workshop start time nears.  As an FYI, Centrum anticipates publishing recordings at some point of all sessions, available to registrants, as they have in the past.

2) Selecting "Register Now" will display the start page with Registration Type, and the Online Track button on the list. 


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