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Blind Connie Williams - Take My Hand Precious Lord

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Great job man. I got to see him a couple of times in my misspent youth. First time he opened for Elizabeth Cotten at  settlement house in South Phila. I learned that he played on a corner near Graduate Hospitaland went there a couple of times before I got to see him again.

I'll agree with everybody else--nice job, Cub!
all best,

Wow, quite an achievement!

Brilliant Work!

@ tmylet - thanks for sharing that, i bet that was somethin special to see. i read he played with Gary Davis some. i bet that woulda been somethin special to see too.

@john miller - thanks John! means alot.

@daddystovepipe   - hey thanks! i was just on your youtube channel gettin ideas for church bell blues!

@thomas - thank you too!


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